User Manual

Set Up Email Content

The following email settings are available for your RSS email: 

  • “From” Name: This required field represents the sender of the RSS email. 
  • “From” Email: This required field is the email address of the person or business sending the email.
  • Subject: The subject line for an RSS email is pulled from the title of the RSS feed.

Your RSS email is pre-populated with the following liquid shortcodes: 

  • {{ feed.title_link }}: The feed title as a hyperlink to the post 

  • {{ feed.description }}: The post description for each entry

  • {{ post.title_link }}: Post title

  • {{ post.description }}: Post description

Click Preview to see how the email will appear in people’s inboxes. 

The Visual Email Builder is not compatible with this email feature.

Use Shortcodes in RSS Emails

Due to the way we render feed content, to use liquid shortcodes such as {{ }} in an RSS email, you need to wrap them in a special Liquid raw block.  

Here's an example:

{% raw %}

Dear {{ subscriber.first_name }},

{% endraw %}

Here are the latest posts:

{% for post in posts %}

{{ post.title_link }}

{{ post.description }}

{% endfor %}

Send Test Email

Sends a fully rendered RSS email with the most recent content from your RSS feed. To send a test email: 

  1. Click Send Test Email 
  2. Specify the recipient(s) by email address
  3. Click Send Test Email

To send to multiple recipients, separate each email address with a comma. 

Test emails only pull in the 3 most recent posts from the RSS feed. The live email will pull in all new posts since the last time the Rule ran.

Generate Now

Create a new RSS email in your account. To create a new RSS email: 

  1. Click Generate Now

We will draft a new Single Email Campaign with the latest content from your RSS feed. Once generated, you'll land in the email editor of the RSS email to schedule the send time.