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User Manual

Set Up Email Content

“From” Name

This required field represents the sender of the RSS email. The name can be an individual person, a business or an organization.

“From” Email

This required field is the email address of the person or business sending the email. The given email address must be a valid email address.


The subject line for an RSS email is pulled from the title of the RSS feed. The feed title is captured by the following Liquid code: 

{{ feed.title }} 

Send Test Email

Sends a fully rendered RSS email with the most recent content from your RSS feed. To send a test email: 

  1. Click Send Test Email 
  2. Specify the recipient(s) by email address
  3. Click Send Test Email

To send to multiple recipients, separate each email address with a comma. 

Test emails only pull in the 3 most recent posts from the RSS feed. The live email will pull in all new posts since the last time the Rule ran.

Generate Now

Create a new RSS email in your account. To create a new RSS email: 

  1. Click Generate Now

We will draft a new Broadcast email with the latest content from your RSS feed. Once generated, you'll land in the email editor of the RSS email to schedule the send time. 

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