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User Manual


The RSS feed rule setup.

Before you activate your RSS-to-Email Rule, use the builder to give the Rule a new name, verify your RSS feed, and set up the email content.

Rule Name

The RSS-to-Email Rule name.

A Rule's name is internal only and we'll never show it to the people on your List.

To rename an RSS-to-Email Rule:

  1. Click on the Rule Name

  2. Enter a new name

  3. Click Save

Activate or Pause RSS-to-Email Rule

The drop-down to activate and pause an RSS-to-Email Rule.

RSS-to-Email Rules remain paused until activated. You must first verify your RSS feed before it's possible to activate the Rule.

  1. Click the drop-down

  2. Select Activate

When a Rule is paused, you'll see the following message underneath the Rule's name.

Warning message that the RSS-to-Email Rule is paused.

Rule Actions

The Actions drop-down in an RSS-to-Email Rule.

The Actions drop-down contains the following functionality:

  • Duplicate creates a new RSS-to-Email Rule in your account.

  • Delete removes the Rule and all of its data from your account. This cannot be undone.  

Verify RSS Feed

The first step to verify the RSS feed URL.

The first step of the RSS-to-Email prompts you to verify the URL to your RSS feed, set the recurring schedule and time of day to send RSS emails, and set the segment of people to receive the email.

Feed URL

The full URL to your published RSS feed. The URL must end with an extension of  .rss, otherwise, we will not be able to verify your RSS feed.

How often should we send emails?

From the drop-down, select from the frequency at which we send a new Broadcast email with new content from your feed:

  • Monthly generates a new RSS email every thirty days

  • Weekly generates a new RSS email every seven days

  • Daily generates a new RSS email every twenty-four hours

  • Hourly generates a new RSS email every sixty minutes

What time of day should we send Emails?

Select the time of day you'd like us to generate a new RSS email. Time of day is based on a 24-hour clock. Time zone defaults to the specified time zone in your User Info settings. Click the drop-down to select a new time zone.

What days of the week can we send emails?

Check the boxes to select the days of the week you'd like us to generate a new RSS email.

Send emails automatically

Check the box for us to send the RSS email without notification to you first. When the setting is disabled, we'll send an email to the email address specified in your User Info settings.

This trigger applies to everyone

Set the segment of people to receive the RSS email. Only people who match the criteria of the segment will receive the email.

  1. Click Change

  2. Edit the filter criteria

  3. Click Update Criteria

Set Up Your Email Content

Step 2 of the RSS-to-Email Rule to set up your email content.

“From” Name

This required field represents the sender of the RSS email. The name can be an individual person or another type of entity such as a business or organization.

“From” Email

This required field is the email address of the person or business sending the email. The given email address must be a valid email address.


The subject line for an RSS email is pulled from the title of the RSS feed. The feed title is captured by the following Liquid code:

{{ feed.title }}

Send Test Email

Sends a fully rendered RSS email with the most recent content from your RSS feed.

  1. Click Send Test Email

  2. In the pop-up, specify the recipient(s) by email address

To send to multiple recipients, separate each email address with a comma.

Generate Now

Create a new RSS email in your account. At that time, we draft a new Broadcast email with the latest content from your RSS feed. Once generated, you'll land in the email editor of the RSS email to schedule the send time.

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