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The RSS Rules page with no rules yet created.

Before you can create a new RSS-to-Email Rule, first contact our support specialists and request the feature be enabled in your account.

RSS-to-Email is a Rule that performs a search through your really simple syndicate (RSS) feed on a recurring schedule that you specify. If new content is found since the last time the Rule performed its search, we generate a new Broadcast email and draft the email with the new content.  

Create RSS-to-Email Rule

The button to create a new RSS-to-Email feed.

To create a new RSS-to-Email Rule:

  1. Click Automation

  2. Click RSS-to-Email

  3. Click + New RSS-to-Email Rule

Once created, you'll land on the screen to enter the URL to your RSS feed, configure the recurring schedule to search for new content, and set the segment of people to receive the Broadcast email.

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