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User Manual

Tags & Custom Fields

Person's Tags and Custom Fields page

See all of the Tags and Custom Fields for a person, apply new ones, and remove existing ones from the person.


The Tags drop-down for a person.

Apply a new tag to the person:

  1. Click the Tags drop-down

  2. Select from your existing tags or enter a new one

  3. Click Save

Remove a tag from the person:

  1. Hover over the tag

  2. Click the x icon

  3. Click Save

Custom Fields

A person's Custom Fields

Underneath the Tags drop-down, manage the person’s Custom Fields.

Add a new Custom Field to the person:

  1. Click + Add a custom field

  2. Select an existing Identifier from the drop-down or enter a new one

  3. Enter the Value

  4. Click Save

To remove a custom field from the person, click the x icon to the right of the custom field you'd like to remove.

Modifications made to a person’s tags or custom fields from this page applies only to that person.