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User Manual


A person's Properties page

General Info

A person's General Info details


The person’s email address that they used to join your list. Update it by typing in a new email address.

Time Zone

A person’s local time zone. Time zone becomes set once the person is identified. Manually set a person's time zone by selecting one of the options from the drop-down. When emails are scheduled in people's time zones, this is the time zone we'll use to schedule their email send.

Lifetime Value

The total amount of revenue you've received from the person. This is set through the REST API, Order Activity API, or by integrating with one of our native ecommerce integrations.


The method by which the person’s email address was subscribed to your list. This property will be set to Web if the person subscribed to your list through a form widget. If the person was added to your list through the API or a third-party integration, the property will be set to API.

User ID

A unique identifier of the person in an external database outside of Drip. This can be a database connected to a custom application, third-party and the ID must be set through the REST API.

Web Visitor Properties

A person's Web Visitor Properties.

Drip captures a person's Web Visitor Properties once they've become identified. Until they're identified, there will be no properties to show.


The URL of the web page that the person navigated from to land on your website. For example, if the person clicked a link to your website from a Google search, the property would be set to

IP Address

The unique identifier of the device the person was using when this property was captured.

User Agent

The person’s device type, web browser, and operating system they were using when this property was captured.

Landing URL

The URL of the first web page they landed on when the person visited your website for the first time.