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User Manual


person activity tab

A person’s Activity is a timeline of how they’ve engaged with your marketing. Each activity is marked with a date, an icon, and a description of what took place.

Showing All Activity

A person's activity drop-down to select the type of information to view.

All Activity

View all the activities a person has done. This is the default setting when you first land on a person's Activity timeline.

Lead Score Activity

View the activities that have attributed to the person’s lead score. Lead Scoring must be enabled in your account to view this information.

Orders Activity

View orders the person has made in your online store. You must be using the Order Activity API or connect to Shopify to start tracking a person’s order activity.

Add Custom Event

The Add Custom Event button

Record a custom event on a person's Activity timeline:

  1. Click Add Custom Event

  2. In the pop-up, enter the name of the custom event (Required)

  3. Add event properties (Optional)

  4. Click Insert Event

Toggle Details

The Toggle Details drop-down to view event properties

To view further details about a recorded event, click Toggle Details.