User Manual

Unsubscribe & Resubscribe

Unsubscribe Methods 

People in Drip can be unsubscribed through the following methods:

Unsubscribe Links 

Unsubscribe links in Drip are uniquely generated for each person on your list via Liquid code. You are required to provide an unsubscribe link in every Drip email. There are two options for unsubscribe link behavior in Drip. 

  • Display the subscription management page. Sends people to the default subscription management page, where they can unsubscribe from all mailings or from individual Campaigns. 
  • Unsubscribe from all mailings immediately. Unsubscribes them from all Single Email Campaigns, Email Series Campaigns, and Automation emails. 

Manage this preference under Settings > Email Setup > Unsubscribe Links

By default, people who unsubscribe from all mailings are Active in your account and available to collect data points on. They will not be able to receive marketing emails from you, they will only be able to receive transactional emails. Install this pre-built Workflow to automatically deactivate people who unsubscribe from all mailings.  

If someone unsubscribes from an individual Email Series Campaign they will receive emails from other Single Email Campaigns, Email Series Campaigns, and Automations. 

If you’d like to use a custom subscription management page, read our Create a Subscription Management Form Guide

Email Preference

A person who is active and subscribed.

Email preference in Drip indicates if someone opted into receiving your marketing emails. This preference is sent over from Shopify via the “accepts marketing” option on the checkout page. It’s set from Magento via their contact information during checkout or by their Newsletter group. In either case, if their email preference is “Unsubscribed” you are not able to send them commercial emails. By default, you are still able to send them transactional emails. If their email preference is “Subscribed,” you’re able to send them commercial and transactional emails. 


There are two ways to unsubscribe people from all mailings via API:

Pruning Operations

Pruning operations allow you to keep your list clean by unsubscribing people who haven’t engaged with your brand in a while.  Perform or find a previous operation under People > Pruning Operations

Resubscribe Methods

The following methods are available for people to be resubscribed: 

  • Submitting a Drip form
  • Submitting a third-party form 
  • API 
  • Bulk Operation
  • The default subscription management page 
  • Contacting our Support Team 

You are required to respect customers' marketing preference and should not resubscribe anyone who hasn't given you their explicit consent to do so. 

Submit a Drip Form

People can submit an active Drip form on your website, or you can send them a direct link to a hosted form. If they’re not resubscribed right away, double-check that double opt-in is turned off for that form. 

Bulk Operation

Resubscribe someone via Bulk Operation with the Subscribe a person action. 

  1. Go to People > Bulk Operations > + New Bulk Operation 
  2. Choose people for the operation 
  3. Select Subscribe a person 
  4. Click Next > Perform Operation
  5. Click Done to exit the page and view the progress of the operation

The email address(es) that you selected will be subscribed to marketing emails. 

You can only subscribe people who opt-in to receive your marketing content.


Resubscribe someone via API with the Create or update a subscriber endpoint by setting the status flag to active.

Contact our Support Team

We’re happy to reactivate an individual person on your behalf. Please write with a screenshot of the person stating they want to opt-back into your list and one of our Specialists will assist you. 

A purchase receipt is not considered proof of opt-in. Someone must specifically state that they want to opt-in to receive your marketing emails again.