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User Manual

Tags & Custom Fields List

Tags List

Tags list

Manage all of the tags in your account from the Tags page. To access the tags in your account:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Tags

On the Tags page, you’ll see a list of your existing tags in alphabetical order. You can create, edit, and delete tags from the page.

Custom Fields List

Custom fields list

Create, edit, delete and make Custom Fields editable on the Custom Fields tab. The list of Custom Fields is in alphabetical order.

To access the Custom Fields in your account:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Custom Fields

Editable Custom Field

Editable field on the subscription management page

To make Custom Fields editable for people, locate the field on the list and click the arrow next to the Edit button. Then, check the Allow person to edit box. Now, people will be able to edit that field on their Subscription Management page.

Make All Fields Private

In an effort to better protect the data contained in the custom fields in your account, we privatize all fields by default. This means that the data contained in your custom fields are made inaccessible through our JavaScript API. This does not have any impact on any other functionality in your account. If you'd like to make your custom fields accessible through the JavaScript API,  contact us and let us know that you’d like to make your custom fields public. We'll respond back to you once we've made this functionality available to you in your account.

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