User Manual

Merge People

Merge people drop-down in person profile tab

Merge Person

Merge two people together to consolidate them into one person. This function takes data from both people and combines it into one. Essentially, merging two people = Person 1 + Person 2 = Merged Person.

The first step to merge two people is to select a Primary Person and a Secondary Person.

View a person's profile to see the data that can be merged.

Primary Person

The primary person is the email address that is kept once the merge is complete. This person will set the basis for a new, merged person’s data.

Only the primary person’s activity history is saved after the merge. The secondary person’s activity history is lost during the merge.

Secondary Person

The secondary person is merged into the primary person, but you are still able to keep any unique tags or custom fields currently set for this person.

Perform the Merge

Once you’ve determined the primary and secondary people, perform the merge. 

  1. Go to People

  2. Locate the Primary Person in the Preview

  3. Click the three dots next to the Edit icon

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  4. Click Merge Person

  5. Enter the secondary person’s email address under Choose a Secondary Person

  6. Click Next

  7. Select the General Info, Tags, and Custom Fields data for the new person

  8. Click Confirm and Merge

The two people will be merged and you will be redirected to the new person’s activity timeline.

Any new tags or custom fields added during the merge will not trigger automation. Conflicting data, such as values from shared custom fields, will be chosen from the Primary Person.