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User Manual

Marketing Email Only


If you’re only using Drip to engage with people subscribed to marketing emails, people subscribed to your marketing emails will appear under the Active tab. When you only engage with people subscribed to marketing emails: 

  • You still have access to all of Drip's features, but only to reach people who are subscribed to marketing emails 
  • People who unsubscribe will automatically be moved to the Inactive tab and are removed from billing
  • Once a person unsubscribes you'll no longer be able to engage with them 
  • Drip will stop tracking events, tags, custom fields, and order activity for unsubscribed people

When someone unsubscribes from marketing emails, they become Inactive and can only become Active again if they resubscribe to your list via a Drip form.


When you only use Drip to engage with people subscribed to marketing emails, people who unsubscribe will appear under the Inactive tab. You do not have access to the following features:

  • Send unsubscribed people commercial or transactional emails
  • Individually reactivate Inactive people
  • Track tags, custom fields, events, orders, and LTV for unsubscribed people 
  • Send unsubscribed people to 3rd-party applications 
  • Trigger unsubscribed people into Automations

Reach out to the support team if someone wants to start receiving your marketing emails again.

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