User Manual

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value (LTV) is a key metric to track for any online retailer. LTV predicts the average amount of revenue that a customer will generate over the course of your relationship. Drip’s built-in lifetime value feature makes it easy to track and segment by lifetime value.

View a Person’s Lifetime Value

Lifetime value on the profile page

A person’s lifetime value is displayed on their Profile page. 

Each time someone’s lifetime value is updated, you’ll see an Updated lifetime value event in their Events tab.

Updated Lifetime Value Event

Updated lifetime value event

The following  event properties are included with this event:

  • The value property is the amount updated displayed in cents
  • The previous_value property is the value before its most recent update displayed in cents
  • The source property is the means by which the value was updated

Update Lifetime Value

There are a few different ways to update the LTV of people in Drip.


Drip's Conversion feature automatically updates the LTV of people each time it is triggered. As long as you've added a Default Value to your conversion, it will increment people's LTV by that amount.

Ecommerce and digital payment integrations

Drip has many different ecommerce and payment processor integrations that will automatically update a person’s LTV. Each time someone triggers a purchase the integration will automatically send a value and update a person's LTV in Drip. 

Learn more about Drip’s ecommerce and digital payment integrations:

CSV file

When you upload a CSV file to import or update people in Drip, you can use the lifetime_value field to add or update a person's LTV.

Segment People by Lifetime Value

Segment people on your list by LTV to perform automation, decide who to prune or deactivate, and more.

You can segment by equals, is less than, is less than or equal to, is greater than,  or is greater than or equal to. To segment by LTV:

  1. Go to People 
  2. Select Lifetime Value > equals > insert a number
  3. Click Refresh

The segment of people who meet your criteria will be returned.