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Identified People

People in Drip must be identified in order to track their website activity. Install your JavaScript tracking snippet to identify and track people when they land on your website.

What is an Identified Person?

An identified person is someone who has had a previously applied cookie in their browser so we can associate the current web visit with an email address in your account.

When someone visits a web page where you’ve installed your Drip JavaScript snippet, a cookie is applied to the visitor’s web browser and device. If they return to your site using the same browser and device as their first visit, Drip recognizes them as a returning visitor.

Applying a cookie to a visitor whose email address you already have in your account does not necessarily identify them automatically. There are specific actions a person must take before Drip can make the identification.

Identify People People on Your List

Drip automatically identifies people in the following ways:

  • Submits a Drip form widget

  • Submits a Drip embedded form with the Drip JavaScript snippet also installed on the web page

  • Clicks a link in a Drip email which also sends them to a web page where the Drip JavaScript snippet has been installed

  • Any person that has passed through a JavaScript API Identify method

Submit a form widget

People who submit a Drip form Widget will automatically become identified. Widgets are directly linked to the Drip JavaScript snippet installed on the web page.

Submit an embedded form

People who submit an embedded form will become identified as long as your Drip JavaScript snippet is installed on the same web page as the embedded form.

Click a link in a Drip email

When someone clicks on a link in an email that directs them to a web page where the Drip JavaScript is installed, they become identified.

JavaScript API 'Identify' method

People also become identified via the JavaScript API. The Identify method can be used to automatically identify a person.

People created through our REST API do not immediately get identified and you should use one of the above methods to do so.

Web Visitor Properties

identified person properties

Identified people hold a few additional properties that unidentified people do not. In an individual person’s profile, you’ll see IP address, User agent, and Time zone which are collected once a person becomes identified.

Identified People and Automation

The Visited a page event gets recorded each time an identified person lands on a page of your website. You can use that event to trigger automation in your workflows and rules.

When setting up the trigger, enter the URL of the web page that should trigger an automation when a person lands on it.

The trigger will only fire if your snippet is installed on the desired page.

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