User Manual


Active People

The Active tab displays the Active people in your account.

The following information or features are available:

  • Add people
  • View Lifetime Value
  • Export as a CSV file
  • Search for an email address
  • Filter People
  • View a person’s activity feed
  • Merge, Delete, and Deactivate People
  • Perform a Bulk Operation

With Active people, you can engage with your customers through

  • Hyper-personalized transactional emails
  • Multichannel Workflows
  • Social media retargeting (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Third-party integrations like SMS and direct mail for all people

Active People Filters

Active People Marketing

Select a filter from the drop-down to refine the list of Active people in your account. Below is a description of each of the Active people filters.

  • All active people: All of the people in your account who you can engage with and are billed for.

  • Subscribed people: All active people who are opted-in and able to receive email marketing.

  • Unsubscribed people: All active people who have unsubscribed from commercial marketing emails. These people can still receive transactional emails, trigger workflows, receive Facebook and Instagram advertising, etc.

  • Subscribed or unsubscribed people: All active people who are subscribed and all people who are unsubscribed from commercial marketing emails.

  • Undeliverable people: People who have been marked as undeliverable.

Filter the people on your list to create saved segments.

Manually Move from Active to Inactive

Manually move people or a person from Active to Inactive with an action in a Bulk OperationWorkflow, or Rule.

When you change an Active person to an Inactive person, you can no longer utilize the following features.

  • Engage with the person via transactional or marketing emails
  • Record new events, orders, LTV, etc.
  • Add them to Facebook Custom Audiences or other third-party applications
  • Trigger Automations, i.e. Rules and Workflows

Use our Deactivate a Person when they Unsubscribe from all Marketing Emails Workflow to automatically move a person from Active to Inactive when they unsubscribe from all your mailings.

Delete an Active Person

Delete an Active person with an action in a Bulk Operation, Workflow, or Rule. When you delete an Active person they are removed from your account with all of their data.

Export a CSV File of All Active People

Active people exports include the following data:

  • Token
  • Email address
  • Time zone
  • Status
  • Created at date 
  • Confirmed at date 
  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • Campaigns 
  • Referrer
  • Landing URL
  • IP address
  • Lead score
  • Lifetime value
  • User ID

To export a CSV of all active people:

  1. Go to People > Active
  2. Click Actions > Export to CSV
  3. Click Okay

Once we’re finished preparing your export, we’ll send the CSV to the email address listed under Settings > User Settings. If you don’t receive an email right away, try checking your spam folders. If the email isn’t in your spam folders, reach out to Drip Support.