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User Manual

Magento Setup

Site Tracking

In the extension's settings in Magento, there is a prompt for Account ID. When a customer enters that and clicks to "Save":

  • Drip's Javascript snippet​ is appended to every public-facing Magento page.

  • Whenever a new page is created, the Javascript snippet is automatically added within 5 minutes.

Historical Sync

In the extension's settings in Magento, there are two buttons, one to sync customer history, the other to sync order history.

  • If the button to sync customers is clicked, a Drip person record will be created for each Magento Customer and Newsletter subscriber, and a Drip tag of "Synced from Magento" will be added, as well. No automations will be triggered.

  • If the Magento record is part of the Newsletter group, a Drip custom field called “accepts_marketing” will be created, and set to a value of “yes”. If the Magento record is not part of the Newsletter group, that “accepts_marketing” custom field will be set to “no”.

  • Be sure to sync customers before syncing orders. Otherwise, orders associated with people not yet in your Drip account will fail to sync. When the button to sync orders is clicked, “Placed an Order” events will be performed for each Magento order. An "occurred_at" event property will be sent to Drip to make sure the order is placed appropriately on the associated person’s timeline. No automations will be triggered.

  • Only orders without​ “Fully Cancelled” and “Fully Refunded” statuses will be imported.

  • Due to Drip’s rate limits, Customers and Orders sync at a maximum of 50,000 records per hour.  

Log Settings

  • Enabling “Debug Mode” will log all Drip-extension related requests and responses to var/log/drip/apiclient/drip.log.

Uninstall Magento

If you manually installed Drip in Magento 1 (likely version 1.5.0 of the extension or older), then you will need to manually uninstall before upgrading using the Magento Marketplace and the Magento Connect Manager. To do so, delete the following files and directories from your Magento installation: