User Manual

Integration Features

After you’ve connected the integration, confirm that it’s syncing historical data by viewing your customer list on the People page in your Drip account. The integration syncs your customer list, historical orders, and products from those orders.

Click into someone’s Profile to see their Orders, Profile Fields such as first and last name, and Custom Fields such as gender and birthday. 

If you’re looking for a specific Magento customer in Drip, search for their email address on the People page in Drip and then click into their Profile > Orders page to view that their order is in Drip. 


View Events

Placed an order events report.

See events synced from Magento under the Analytics > Events tab in your account. Use the drop-down to select a Magento event, such as Placed an order to verify the historical orders sync worked. You will see a report of all the events within the selected timeframe. 


Understand Email Preference

When a Magento customer is sent to Drip, their email preference is set in accordance with their choice to accept marketing. This preference is managed by the customer while entering their contact information during checkout or by their Newsletter group in Magento. 

If a Magento customer’s email address doesn’t exist in Drip, a person record in Drip will be created. Their status will be set to Active > subscribed if they are in a Magento Newsletter group (any Newsletter group). If they are removed from a Newsletter Group in Magento, or if they are not in a Newsletter Group, their Drip status will be set to Active > unsubscribed. 

Email preference is synced from Magento to Drip, however, it is not synced from Drip to Magento. 

  • If an existing customer is subscribed in Drip, and purchases something without checking the newsletter box in Magento, they will remain subscribed in Drip. 
  • If a new customer makes a purchase and doesn't check the newsletter box, they are marked as unsubscribed in Drip. 
  • If an existing customer is in a Newsletter group in Magento, and they unsubscribe from a Drip email they will be marked as unsubscribed in Drip only. Their subscription status in Magento is not impacted by unsubscribing in Drip. 

Learn more about email preference in Drip in our Engage with All People Guide



Create a more individualized shopping experience to boost customer engagement and drive more sales using Segmentation. With the data you collect from your store, you can find groups of people that have shown the following commonalities in the way they shop:

  • Order frequency
  • Order infrequency 
  • Products purchased
  • Prive range/ quantity of products purchased
  • Viewed products

With segmentation, you can use that information to better target the right people for certain emails.


Build Automation

Install our out-of-the-box Workflows configured for Magento, or build your own. Utilize the power of Drip and meet your customers where they are with our behavior-based visual Workflows. Find more in-app via Workflows >Workflow Templates.

Check out our Designing Workflows Webinar Series for a deep dive into the why, what, and how of each ecommerce strategy that we recommend implementing for your store. 


Add Products into Your Emails

Easily add products from your catalog to an email with our Product Content Block. Use the block in the Visual Email Builder in any Broadcast, Campaign, or Workflow to send products from your store. Once this block has been added, you can quickly search for and add products from your catalog.

Currently, the Magento Product Block pulls in products from past orders only.


Track Revenue

Revenue Analytics

See how your strategies are performing in your Revenue Analytics. Drip shows you: 

  • Overall revenue performance of your store
  • A visualization of how your customers are moving through the journey to loyal
  • Top-performing Drip strategies
  • Recommended strategies to drive first and repeat purchase
  • Revenue performance of up to three strategies 

Get even more granular by looking at individual Single Email Campaign, Email Series Campaign, and Workflow Dashboards. These dashboards show you the overall revenue performance and crucial email metrics of your strategy. 



Drip displays the currency amount that is passed through from Magento and makes no conversions. For the United States dollar (USD) there is nothing for you to do here. However, if your store is set to the Euro, for example, you must set Drip to be in the Euro as well. If your store is in Euro and your Drip account is in USD, the amounts will be incorrect.

If your Magento store is set to another currency, go in and manually update the currency symbol wherever it’s used in your emails. For example, the cart abandonment block includes a ${{ product.price }} that you will want to change to £{{ product.price }}

To change the currency symbol in your emails:

  1. Open the email where you want to change the currency symbol
  2. Click into the ${{ product.price }} box
  3. Manually delete the $ and add the£symbol