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User Manual

Cart Events

Created a cart

  • Triggers:

    • If the user is logged in, and they add something to their shopping bag

    • If the user is not logged in, after they enter their email address in and leave the input field

    • action: "Created a cart"

    • email: customer's email address

    • Properties:

      • provider = magento

      • person_id = Drip’s unique identifier for the person record

      • action = placed

      • cart_id = the Magento internal cart ID for the person’s cart

      • occurred_at = the timestamp of the cart’s creation or update (used primarily for historical data syncing)

      • grand_total = the total amount of the cart, after any discounts

      • total_discounts = the total discount amount of the cart

      • currency = the alphabetic ISO 4217 code for the currency

      • cart_url = url to the customer’s cart in Magento

      • version = the Magento store and Drip extension versions

      • line_items = <passed as an array with the following included per line item>

        • product_id (from Magento)

        • product_variant_id (if applicable, from Magento)

        • sku

        • name

        • brand (if customer has a custom attribute called "brand" defined, this goes here)

        • categories (comma-separated list of all Magento subcategories applied to this product)

        • price

        • quantity

        • discount

        • total (line item total after quantity and discount)

        • product_url (the Magento store URL for the product)

        • Image_url (hosted on the Magento store)

Updated a cart

  • Triggers:

    • Updating quantity of an existing cart

    • Adding/removing items from an existing cart

    • Adding/remove a discount from an existing cart

    • Adding/removing shipping from an existing cart

    • Adding/removing tax from an existing cart

  • Given one of the triggers above, the extension will push the following data to Drip using the Cart Activity REST API endpoint:

    • action: "Updated a cart"

    • email: customer's email address

    • Properties:

      • Same as for “Created a cart” above.