User Manual

2+ Integration Instructions

Magento Platform Compatibility

Open Source (CE) 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Install the Drip Extension

  1. Log into your Magento server via SSH
  2. Go to the Magento 2 directory 
  3. From there, run the following command: composer require drip/connect
  4. Finish by running the command: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Connect the Magento Extension to Drip

Module Settings

To connect with Drip, you’ll need your Drip Account ID and API Token. If API access is not enabled, reach out to for further assistance.

  1. In your Magento store's admin panel go to Stores > Configuration > Drip > Drip Connect
  2. Change Is Module Enabled to Yes
  3. Enter your Drip Account ID
  4. Enter your Drip API Key

Drip's Javascript snippet​ will be appended to every public-facing Magento page in your store. Whenever a new page is created, the Javascript snippet is automatically added.

Enable Debug Mode

Log Settings.

If your Magento store is heavily customized, there may be conflicts that cause issues either with the Drip extension or others you have installed. To assist in troubleshooting, you can enable Debug Mode. Set this to “Yes” to write all API calls and responses to var/log/drip/apiclient/drip.log.

Not sure how to troubleshoot? Reach out to our Support team with a copy of the error log for assistance. 

Sync Customers to Drip

Drip Actions (sync customers).

When you’re ready to sync historical data, click Sync All Customers to Drip. This will create person records in Drip with a “Synced from Magento” tag. No automations will be triggered. 

The sync will run over time, averaging a few minutes per thousand customer records. For example, if you have 100,000 records to sync, this may take a day or two.

For the sync process to work, Magento cron must be running on your server. If it is not, the process will stall at “Queued”.

Drip charges based on total people count. Syncing your customers won’t charge you during a trial period, but may affect the price of your next bill. Learn more about Drip’s pricing.

Sync Orders to Drip

Drip Actions (sync orders).

After your store’s customers have been synced, click Sync All Orders to Drip. Once your orders are synced, you can confirm that it’s working by segmenting for orders in Drip. 

At this time, Drip doesn’t support multiple store views per Drip account. If your store needs to have each store or store view synced to its own Drip account, please reach out to We want to talk to you!

If customers and orders are synced from the "Default Config" store view, all records will be synced to the account specified in the default config. If customers and orders are synced from a specific store view, then only records assigned to that store view will be synced to the account specified in the store view's config.