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Target the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Drip takes the gold mine of customer data in your Magento store and enables personalized, relevant, revenue-driving marketing campaigns.

With Drip + Magento, you can capture lost sales, make product recommendations, collect product reviews, and more -- all to build better relationships, enable more sales, and grow your business.

  • Cart Abandonment:​ Capture lost revenue from customers who have abandoned their cart.
  • Browse Abandonment: ​Track the products customers view to tailor email content and drive purchase behavior.
  • Re-engagement: ​Bring customers who haven’t purchased recently back to your store.
  • Welcome Series: ​Trigger a series of emails to new customers introducing them to your brand and your products.
  • Customer Service Survey: ​Ask customers who have recently interacted with your brand for feedback.
  • Product Review: ​Product reviews create valuable social proof for your products. Trigger emails to customers asking for a review.
  • Social Share: ​Word-of-mouth is your best marketing. Ask your customers to share a of photo with your product on their social media account.
  • Next Sell: ​Recommend an adjacent or complementary product after a customer completes a purchase.
  • Replenishment: ​When a customer purchases a product that needs replenishment, automatically follow up to prompt a repurchase.
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