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Attributes are the properties associated with an object. When used, they specify that you want to return only that property.

To reference an object's attributes, you simply append the object name with a dot “.” For example, if you want to insert a person's information into an email, you might specify:


{{ subscriber.first_name }}

The preceding example will return the first_name attribute (in this case it is a custom field value) of the people object if it is set, or nothing if it is not.

Subscriber Attributes

Subscriber attributes are typically any custom field associated with the subscriber object. Some common custom fields might include subscriber data like:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • postal_address
  • city
  • zip_code
  • business_name

Essentially, whatever data you choose to collect and associate with your subscribers can be used in Liquid as attributes.

Default Attributes

There are a few attributes that are used by default in Drip ECRM. They are listed below:

  • {{ email.subject }}

  • {{ }}

  • {{ }}

  • {{ }}

  • {{ subscriber.created_at }}

  • {{ }}

  • {{ }}