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Zapier connects the apps you use every day and provides an easy way to automate your marketing. If Drip doesn’t integrate with an app you're using, there's a good chance that you'll find a connection through Zapier and the hundreds of integrations in their library.

How the Integration Works

When you connect Drip and Zapier together, you can send data to Drip when an event-based trigger is fired by another application. Once Drip processes that information, you can create or update people, send campaigns, record events, and apply or remove tags. Zapier can also be used to send data from Drip to another service. You can view an entire list of Zapier's supported Drip triggers and actions on their website.

Connect Drip to Zapier

Connected Accounts in Zapier

To connect Drip to your Zapier account:

  1. Sign in to your Zapier account

  2. Go to Home > Connected Accounts

  3. Search for “Drip” in the integrations search bar and click on it when it appears in the list

  4. Enter your Drip API token

  5. Click Yes, Continue

  6. Click Test to test your connection from Zapier to Drip 

A success notification will replace the Test button when the test returns a successful response.

If you receive an error message, double-check that you've entered the correct API token to your Drip account.

Set Up a Zap

Drip action in Zapier

Use Drip as the trigger or action steps in your zaps. When Drip is used as the trigger, data is sent from Drip to whichever service you have selected as the action. If Drip is set up as the action step, data gets sent from the trigger app to Drip and something will automate, such as creating/updating a person or sending in an event.

Use Drip as the Trigger for a Zap

In this example, we’ll walk through how to select Drip as the trigger with the New Subscriber Tag trigger event. 

  1. Log into your Zapier account 

  2. Click Make a Zap!

  3. Select Drip as the app 

  4. Under Choose Trigger Event, select New Subscriber Tag  

  5. Click Continue 

  6. Select your Drip subscription from the drop-down 

  7. Click Continue 

  8. If you have multiple Drip accounts under your subscription, you’ll be prompted to select which Drip account to trigger the zap from. Select the Drip account you’d like to trigger the zap from under Customize Subscriber Tag and click Continue 

You will be prompted to Find Data and pull in samples from Drip to Zapier. 

Add a Filter to your Zap 

Filter in Zapier

This step is important if you want to specify which tag to trigger the zap off of. To specify a tag to trigger the zap, add a filter in place in your Zap. To add a filter to your zap:

  1. Within your zap click

  2. Select Filter

  3. Select Tags > Exactly Matches > your tag name 

  4. Click Continue 

Now that the filter is set up for a specific tag, you’re ready to test your zap. 

Test a Zap

Test your zap

When Zapier tests the action step where Drip is configured, it attempts to access your Drip account and retrieve a sample based on the Set Up Template step of the Zap configuration. If the data is not present in your Drip account, the test will fail.

When you run your test in Zapier, you must apply the specific tag to someone while the test is running. In order to do this: 

  1. Create a test person in your Drip account (this can be your own email address)

  2. Open up your test person in Drip and get ready to apply a tag on their Profile

  3. Once you are ready to apply the tag click  “Connect to Drip in Zapier” 

  4. While the test is running, apply the tag in Drip

You will see the "Test successful!" notification in Zapier, click "View your subscriber tag" to be sure that Zapier found your test person, not another person in your account.  When the test is successful and complete, click Done Editing and complete your zap set up.

You may have to try the test a couple of times for Zapier to recognize the action during the test. It is a time-sensitive action, so be sure to do this while Zapier is running the test (you'll see a note in Zapier like "Looking for subscriber tag, this might take a sec...").

Frequently Used Zaps

Here are recommendations for some of the more frequently requested services that we don't currently integrate with that you can connect via Zapier:

Surveys & Polls



Online Course/Education

SMS Message


To view a list of supported triggers and actions that you can use with Drip, check out Zapier’s Support Docs.