User Manual


Create custom landing pages and convert more customers with Unbounce. Our Unbounce integration allows you to send leads directly to Drip and automate actions. Once the integration is connected, anytime that Drip receives data from Unbounce a person is automatically added to Drip and an event is recorded for them. 

Connect the Integration

To connect your Unbounce account to Drip, register the webhook in Unbounce. 

  1.  Log into your Drip account 

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Unbounce 

  3. Copy and paste the webhook URL under Register the following webhook in your Unbounce account

  4. Log into your Unbounce account 

  5. Under Leads & Forms Integrations click Webhook: Post to URL

  6. Paste the webhook URL from Drip 

  7. Click Configure Field Mapping 

  8. Select the drop-down for the email field and click the (+) Add new field button

  9. Add an email field

    Email addresses must be sent to Drip in an email field. If you edit your landing page’s email form field to use a custom field label (for example, changing email to your best email), you will need to edit your field mapping through your webhook settings.

  10. Once that’s complete, go back into your Drip account and check the box on the integrations page to confirm you have installed your notification URL

 Set Up Automation

Create a trigger in a workflow or a rule and choose Unbounce as the provider and Submitted a landing page as the event. Enter the name of the specific landing page you want to trigger your automation.

Link a Person's Identity on your Website

Turn on

This is important if you use the JavaScript API to track events or you have lead scoring enabled (a legacy feature). First, create an action to send an email series campaign in a workflow or rule with double opt-in enabled.

In the email series campaign settings, configure a custom post-confirmation page that lives on your website (and has the Drip JavaScript snippet installed).

Custom post-confirmation page