ThriveCart helps you boost your sales with high converting cart pages, one-click sales funnels, affiliate campaigns and track your entire business with ease. 

How It Works

Anytime a customer makes a purchase in ThriveCart, we will automatically add them as a subscriber (if they are not already in your account) and record an event in Drip. Purchase events and refund events will also update the subscriber’s lifetime value. 

Connect Drip and ThriveCart

Head over to the integration settings in your ThriveCart account and authorize your Drip account (it may ask you to log in to Drip if you are not already).

Enable order tracking

Enabling order tracking will ensure that all events are sent to Drip whenever a customer completes a transaction in ThriveCart.

Add the Drip rule to your products’ settings

ThriveCart rules allow you to select which product should send a customer’s data to Drip and apply any necessary tags for use in Drip.


Set Up Automation

Create a trigger in a workflow or a basic rule and choose ThriveCart as the provider. Then, select the specific event that you would like to trigger an action in Drip.