User Manual


Connect your SamCart page to Drip allows you to follow up with anyone who makes a purchase, and automates based on what items they buy.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Ecommerce > SamCart.

Copy your Notification URL for your SamCart product listed on Drip’s SamCart integrations page.

In your SamCart account, go to your Product Page. Paste the Notification URL you copied from Drip into your Product Page Notification URL field.

Be sure to include https:// when pasting in the notification URL. SamCart will not send notifications if this is omitted:

Once you’ve done this, any purchase of that product will create a new subscriber in Drip, with an event of the purchase in that subscriber’s record. If the purchaser is already a subscriber in your Drip account, Drip will simply add a purchase event to the existing subscriber record.

Currently, there are three different events that Drip receives from SamCart:

  • Made a purchase
  • Received a refund
  • Canceled a subscription

In the "Which product?" field, enter the name of your SamCart product as it appears in your SamCart account to keep this trigger exclusive to that particular product. Otherwise, leave the field blank to match all products.


Set Up Automation

To perform an action anytime a customer makes a purchase, use Drip’s SamCart trigger as the entry point to a workflow, or as a goal.

Here’s a workflow example using both SamCart events as goals: