User Manual


Privy is your email list growth platform. Build relationships, incentivize customers, and drive revenue. Connect your Drip account to Privy and harness the power of both platforms together!

Privy will automatically add new subscribers to your Drip account and send them a Drip campaign of your choice!

For this integration, you will need a Privy account and a Drip account.


Connect Drip inside your Privy Account

While logged in to your Privy account, navigate to the Privy Settings tab in the top navigation bar.

Then, on the left sidebar, click on Linked Accounts under the Integrationsheading. Finally, select Drip from Privy’s list of email provider integrations.

You will then be asked to sign in to your Drip account and authorize the connection.


Set Up a New Privy Campaign

In your Privy account, navigate to the Campaigns tab and create a new Campaign.

Next, follow the steps to configure your Privy form.

In the Add new email sync step, select your newly integrated Drip account and the Drip email campaign you will be sending to your new opt-in subscribers.

Follow the remaining steps to set up your Privy campaign and Publish your campaign.


Install the Privy Code

Lastly, you will need to follow the instructions on how to install the Privy code snippet so that your newly created form will show up on your website.

Once you have the Privy code installed on your website, your Privy campaign will be active and able to accept new opt-in subscribers!