User Manual


The Pipedrive integration makes it simple for you to turn customers in Drip into Pipedrive leads. Set up an automation action and send people into your Pipedrive account.

The Pipedrive integration is one-way only, from Drip to Pipedrive. Do more using Zapier

Integrate Drip and Pipedrive

API key in Pipedrive

To integrate Drip and Pipedrive:

  1. Enter your Pipedrive API token into your Drip account

  2. API Keys can be generated in your Pipedrive account under Settings > API

  3. If you do not see an alphanumeric API token in the green field, click on “Generate new token” to generate a fresh API token

  4. Copy the token

  5. Log into your Drip account 

  6. Go to Settings > Integrations > CRM > Pipedrive 

  7. Paste your Pipedrive API Token into the field

  8. Click Add account

Now you are ready to set up your automation.

Set Up Automation

Pipedrive Action

To automate sending people in Drip to your Pipedrive account, set up a Workflow or Rule and use the Pipedrive > Send person action.