User Manual


Integrate Drip with MemberMouse, a WordPress plugin for managing membership websites.

Set Up the Integration

To integrate Drip with MemberMouse: 

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard 
  2. Click MemberMouse > Developer Tools
  3. Click Create Push Notification
  4. Under When the following event occurs... choose the event you want to set up 
  5. Under Perform the following action... choose the action Call a Custom Script
  6. Enter the URL shown on the Settings > Integrations > MemberMouse page in your Drip account 

Create a push notification for each type of event you want to send to Drip. Any time we receive data from MemberMouse, we will automatically add the customer as a person (if they are not already in your account) and record an event for them in Drip.

Set Up Automation

MemberMouse Rule

Set up a Rule in Drip with MemberMouse as the trigger provider. For example, to create a Rule tag new members in Drip: 

  1. Go to Automations > Rules 
  2. Under What should trigger this rule? Select Membermouse > Member added
  3. Under What actions should we perform? Select Apply a tag > Customer
  4. Click Save Rule 
  5. Click Draft > Activate 

A “Customer” tag will be applied in Drip when there is a new member in MemberMouse.