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User Manual


With ClickFunnels, you can build every type of marketing funnel your business needs to grow. Integrate Drip and Clickfunnels together to start sending your ClickFunnels leads straight to your Drip account.

To integrate ClickFunnels and Drip:

  1. From your ClickFunnels account, go to the integrations page.

  2. In the upper right, click Add new integration.

  3. Click the Drip integration (integrations listed alphabetically).

  4. Complete the onscreen integration details, including the following:

    1. Integration Nickname: Give your integration a nickname. That's the name that will display in your list of integrations.
    2. Login: Enter the primary email address of your Drip account. You'll find that email address under Settings > User Settings in your account.
    3. API Token: Enter your Drip API Token.

  5. To complete the integration setup, click Add integration.

Send new ClickFunnels optin leads to Drip

If you’re using a ClickFunnels optin page, you can send new email leads to your Drip account automatically. Your optin page must contain a form with at least an email field and a submit button.

Note: This following steps will show you how to send your ClickFunnel leads to your Drip account and subscribe them to a Campaign. This functionality requires that you use a Drip Campaign.

To connect Drip to your ClickFunnels optin page:

  1. In ClickFunnels, open the funnel that contains the optin page you’d like to connect Drip to.

  2. Open the funnel step that contains the optin page, and click Edit Page.

  3. While in the page editor of your optin page, click Settings from the upper left toolbar.

  4. From the Settings drop-down, click Integrations.

  5. A right sidebar will appear where you can complete the setup.

  6. Complete the rest of the setup from the sidebar.

    1. Add to List: Creates or updates a subscriber in your Drip account and subscribes them to an email Campaign (list).
    2. Add to List with Tag: Performs the same actions as “Add to List” and also gives you the option of adding a tag to the subscriber.
    3. Delete from List: Automatically unsubscribes a subscriber from a specific campaign.
    4. Integration: Choose your Drip integration from the drop-down. Look for the nickname you initially gave the integration when you first entered your Drip API Token.
    5. Action: Select the action you’d like ClickFunnels to perform. The options are explained below. Note: “List” refers to the campaigns you have in your Drip account.
    6. List to Add: Select the campaign you’d like to subscribe the ClickFunnels lead to when they are added to your Drip account. As mentioned earlier, “List” can be translated to the Campaigns you have in your account. Note: If you have multiple Drip accounts, allcampaigns from all your accounts will be included in the options. Be sure to choose the correct campaign if you have multiples with the same name.

Now when someone submits your ClickFunnels optin page, the lead will get sent directly into your Drip account, and depending on the action you chose to perform, be subscribed to or unsubscribed from the campaign you chose.