User Manual


Chargify enables you to manage recurring charges without having to worry about PCI compliance, SSL certificates, or writing recurring billing code.

Drip’s integration allows Chargify to send webhooks into Drip when certain events happen in your Chargify account, such as successful signup or failed renewal. See below for the full list of events sent, and how to use them in Drip.


Retrieve your Webhook URL from Drip

In your Drip account, go to Settings >Integrations Chargify and copy your webhook URL.


Add the Webhook URL to Chargify

  1. Log in to Chargify, choose your site and go to Settings >Webhooks.
  2. Check 
  3. Paste in your Drip webhook URL.
  4. Enable only the events that you would like to send to Drip then click Save.

Any time we receive data from Chargify, we will automatically add the customer as a subscriber (if they are not already in your account) and record an event for that subscriber in Drip.


Set Up Automation

Create a trigger in workflow or a basic rule and choose Chargify as the provider. Select the specific event that you would like to trigger an action in Drip.