User Manual


1ShoppingCart is an all-in-one solution for selling online. Set up a reliable and secure shopping cart that can handle your robust catalog of physical and digital goods.

Integrating Drip and 1ShoppingCart allows you to create new subscribers in your Drip account and trigger automation when a new order is placed in your 1ShoppingCart account.

Set Up the Integration

In your Drip account, got to Settings > Integrations

Select 1ShoppingCart under Drip’s Ecommerce integration list:

You must register your 1ShoppingCart merchant id and key with Drip. Your merchant key is listed next to your name on the home screen. Instructions for finding your 1ShoppingCart token can be found here.

Don’t forget to save your credentials.

Next, you will need to enter your Notification URL into your 1ShoppingCart account (your Drip account provides a unique Notification URL. Do not copy the one you see below):

1ShoppingCart Notification URL

The Notification URL is crucial in that it is how your 1ShoppingCart is able to pass data to your Drip account when a new order is placed.

In your 1ShoppingCart account, go to Home > My Account > API > API Settings and enter your Notification URL that is displayed in your Drip account.

Be sure to save your settings.

Set Up Automation in Drip

Anytime a customer creates a new order in 1ShoppingCart, we will automatically add them as a subscriber (if they are not already in your account) and record an event in Drip.

To perform an action when a subscriber makes a purchase, set up a workflow with a New Order event as its trigger or goal:

1ShoppingCart Workflow Trigger


Once you have your trigger set up, define the action(s) that should occur once the event is triggered.

For example, you might want to apply a tag to indicate that the subscriber is a customer and send them an email series campaign.

Or you might want to use that event as a goal in your workflow.