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User Manual


After you create a Form, one way to host it on your website is with the Widget. There are multiple ways to trigger the widget to web visitors, such as time delayed, exit intent, link URL, or JavaScript API.

Enable a Widget

The setting to enable a form widget.

  1. From inside the form builder, click Design
  2. Toggle on Enable Form Widget

Widgets come enabled with new forms and set to appear after a time delay of ten seconds. Once a form is activated, the widget becomes visible on your website in the position specified in the form's orientation setting.

The description, input fields, and submit button are visible when a widget is in the open position. The headline is visible both in the open and closed positions. There are a number of ways to design a Widget to get the right orientation, appearance, behavior, and visibility that best fits your website design.

When a site visitor submits a widget, they receive the post-signup message in their browser. A widget does not reappear on return visits when the same device and web browser are used to access the site.

Visitor interaction with a form is tracked and reported on the form's dashboard. Form analytics report the number of opens and submissions for a form and the rates at which a form is opened and submitted in relation to unique website visits.

To host a Widget, you must first install your Drip JavaScript snippet on your website. You can find your JavaScript snippet under Site Setup in your account settings.

Trigger a Form Widget

There are multiple ways to trigger a widget to visitors of your website. The settings to configure the widget trigger point are found in the form's behavior settings under Design.

Time Delay

A form widget set to Time Delay.

Specify the number of seconds to delay a widget before it appears to a website visitor.

To show a widget after a time delay:

  1. Toggle on Enable Form Widget

  2. Click Time Delay

  3. In Behavior, specify the number of seconds

Exit Triggered

A form widget set to Exit Intent.

Show a widget when a site visitor exhibits "exit intent." This behavior is described as when a site visitor drags their cursor outside of the web browser used to access your website, thus showing the intent to leave your site.  

To show a widget on exit intent behavior:

  1. Toggle on Enable Form Widget

  2. Click Exit Triggered

While set to show on exit intent, the widget's orientation defaults to lightbox positioning. 

Widgets set to Exit Triggered or Lightbox orientation do not appear on mobile devices.

Link URL

The HTML anchor tag to trigger a widget with link URL.

Copy and paste a provided anchor tag to integrate into the codebase of your website. The given anchor is constructed in HTML and may require a developer to integrate into your codebase.

To trigger a widget with a link URL:

  1. Toggle on Enable Form Widget

  2. Under Design, click Behavior

  3. Copy the HTML anchor tag

  4. In your codebase, paste the anchor tag

JavaScript API

Make requests to our JavaScript API to open and close a widget with the following methods:

_dcq.push(["showForm", { id: "9999999" }]);

_dcq.push(["hideForm", { id: "9999999" }]);

For more information about our JavaScript form methods, read through our developer docs section about how to handle forms.