User Manual

Track Form Submissions

Once your form is active, track your form submissions to see how many people are submitting your form. If you’re using a popup, exit-intent, or side tab form, you can submissions on the Form Dashboard. If you’re using an embedded form, head to the People page and create a Segment to see who’s submitting your form.

Form Dashboard

Form Dashboard

For an overview of the leads being generated by a signup form, go to the Dashboard tab of a form that is currently active on your website. 

The dashboard only displays data for popup, exit-intent, and side tab forms. 

On the dashboard, you’ll see the following analytics for a given date range:


The total number of form submissions.


The percentage of people that visited your website and opened the form. This metric includes manual and automatic form opens.

Submission Rate 

The percentage of people that submitted the form. 

Highest Performing Pages 

The web pages with the greatest amount of form submissions.

Not seeing any results? Forms must be activated before the dashboard can begin to track performance, and embedded forms will not report accurate results. If your form is active and still not producing results, modify the date range you’re currently viewing.  


Create a segment to see who submitted your form.

Go to the People page and use the filter to see who submitted your form. Select Form submission > Person has submitted the form > your form and you’ll see the list of people who submitted that form. 

From here, you can click on an individual email address to view more details on the Profile. Or, you can click Save Segment to easily reference the Segment in Workflows and Rules. 

This feature is forward-facing. You can see people who submitted a form from February 16, 2021, and onward.