User Manual


To access a list of your Forms, click the Forms > Forms tab.

Forms Tab


Filter the Forms List to view those with the status of Draft, Active, Paused, or All. By default, the list will show forms of All statuses. The list can be sorted by oldest, alphabetical order, reversed alphabetical order, or customized order.

Search Forms

Locate an individual form by entering its name into the search bar.


Organize your forms based on their purpose using Groups.

Widget Open Rate

The percentage at which the form was opened for the web visitor. This metric includes manual opens and automatic opens.

Widget Submissions

The total number of unique times the widget has been submitted.

Widget Submission Rate

The percentage of visitors that have submitted the widget.

These metrics only apply to the Form Widget, they do not apply for Embedded, Hosted, or existing third-party forms wired to Drip.