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Create an Embedded Form

Embedded form


Embedded forms allow you to automatically generate HTML code to embed straight into your website. Embedded forms in Drip don’t come with any CSS styling. Any styling should be added on your website. Like popup forms, an embedded form will be in direct communication with your Drip account at all times.

Create an Embedded Form

Create an Embedded Form.

To create an embedded form:


  1. Go to Forms > + New Opt-In Form 

  2. Give your form a name and select a tag to apply to people who submit this form

  3. Select Embedded HTML Form

  4. Select the Fields you want in your form

    Embedded Form fields.

  5. Click Save

  6. Configure your form Settings

    Embedded form settings.

  7. Click Save

  8. Configure the post-submission and opt-in settings for your form

    Embedded form submission settings.

  9. Click Save

  10. Copy the HTML code under Settings > Form Code

    Copy the form code.

  11. Paste the HTML code into your site’s codebase

It can take up to 15 minutes for a popup form to fully disable on your site.

Embedded Form Fields

Manage the input fields for your form. Choose Text, Radio Buttons, Dropdown, Date, or Hidden. If you select Radio Buttons, Dropdown, or Date, create a new Custom Field or map to an existing field for deeper segmentation and personalization. 

Select Hidden to pass data not seen by your customers to Drip. For example, pass hardcoded text to track form name, referrer, or discount code. This data can then be used for segmentation or to personalize email content.

The Identifier is what the Custom Field in Drip will be called. The Label is what the form will display. 

Email Address is the only required field. To add a new form field:

  1. Set the field Identifier

  2. Enter the Label text

  3. Use the drop-down to make the field Optional or Required

  4. Click Add

  5. Click Save

To update the Properties in a person’s Profile, add the following identifiers to your Form: 


Form Identifier 

Person Property


First Name


Last Name


Address 1


Address 2











Embedded Form Settings

Embedded Form Settings.

Set the Headline, Description & Button text under Settings. You’ll find the HTML code you need to copy on your website under Form Code. Paste the HTML code where you would like this form to appear on your website. You can use the included CSS styling or change it as needed to match your site. 

The URL to the hosted form is under the Advanced tab. You’ll also find instructions for how to wire an existing form to Drip. 

Embedded Form Submission Settings 

Thank You

  • Redirect to a Custom Thank You Page. The URL to the web page the person should be directed to after submitting the form. 

  • Send a submission event to Google Analytics. Event category: "Drip Opt-In Form" Event label: "176780"

Double Opt-In

Use the drop-down to select from one of the options for sending a confirmation email to people that submit your form.

  • Active. This option sends a confirmation email to any person that submits the form, including people who are already on your list.

  • Active only to new people. This option sends a confirmation email only if the person has not already joined your list.

  • Disabled. This option does not send a confirmation email and people submitting the form will immediately join your list.

Edit the double opt-in email by clicking Edit Double Opt-in Email

Edit the double opt-in email.

Send Data to a Post Submission Page 

In addition to redirecting, you can send some data about people in a query string. Check the Send person data to post-submission page box to send people’s data to a post-submission page. You will get a URL like this:

You can then use the new person’s email to customize your page with a response. In addition, you can use the subscriber_id to make API calls and get even more data about the new person. This option is also available on the post-confirmation redirect page. It will yield the same results in the query string.

Embedded forms must redirect to the default post-submission page or a custom post-submission page.

Add reCAPTCHA to an Embedded Form

Embedded form reCaptcha site key.

Google reCAPTCHA is a free web security service that validates form submissions and prevents spam bots from landing on your list. When you register your website with reCaptcha, an API key pair is provided to you. Those credentials can be used to apply reCaptcha to your embedded forms.


  1. Register your website with Google reCAPTCHA
  2. Enter your Site Key
  3. Enter your Secret
  4. Enable the setting to Enable reCaptcha for this form
  5. Click Save

Drip uses reCaptcha v2.