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User Manual


Form content settings

Add form fields and manage the post-signup and confirmation behavior for a form under the Content tab.



The headline text is formatted in bold and is larger in size than any other text on the form.


The text located directly underneath the form’s headline. There is a text editor for drafting the form’s description text.

Button Text

The text displayed in the submit button.

Button Text While Submitting

The on-screen message when the form is submitting.


Manage the input fields for your form. Email Address is the only required field. To add a new form field:

  1. Set the field Identifier

  2. Enter the Label text

  3. Use the drop-down to make the field Optional or Required

  4. Click Add


A single image can be positioned to the left or right of the form’s description text. Form images have a recommended width of 300 pixels.

To add an image to your form:

  1. Click Upload Image

  2. Select the image from your computer

  3. Use the drop-down to select Right, Left, or Hidden


The onscreen message taking the place of form widgets once the form has been submitted.


The top-most text in the post-signup message


The main text body of the post-signup message.

Custom Post-Submission Page

The URL to the web page the person should be directed to after submitting the form.

Embedded forms must redirect to the default post-submission page or a custom post-submission page.

Confirmation Settings

When should this form send a confirmation email?

Use the drop-down to select from one of the options for sending a confirmation email to people that submit your form.

  • After every submission
    This option sends a confirmation email to any person that submits the form, including people who are already on your list.

  • Only to new people
    This option sends a confirmation email only if the person has not already joined your list.

  • Never
    This option does not send a confirmation email and people submitting the form will immediately join your list.

“From” Name

A name that represents the sender of the confirmation email. This can be any given name.

“From” Email

The email address of the sender of the confirmation email.


The subject line of the confirmation email.

Custom Post-Confirmation Page

A URL that directs people to a specific web page after clicking the link to confirm their subscription. If this field is left blank, people are redirected to a default subscription page.

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