User Manual

Add Custom Fonts

Add custom fonts to a Drip Form to match the look and feel of your brand. Drip lets you choose any Google Font to use on any popup, exit intent, or side tab form. Custom fonts are available in all form body text, field labels, fields, and buttons. 

Go to Settings > Assets > Brand Styles > Fonts and use the search bar to add your custom font. Click on the pink checkmark to save the font to your account, and you’ll be able to select that font in the Form editor. 


Fallback Fonts 

Select a fallback font in case someone’s browser doesn’t render your custom font. Using a fallback font is the best practice to ensure that your text doesn’t contain any missing letters or characters on someone else’s browser. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

I can’t find the font that I’m looking for. Will you be adding more custom fonts in the future?

While the Google font library is expansive, we understand that it may not have every font you are looking for. At this time, these are the only fonts available in Drip but we are exploring the ability to add custom fonts.

How many fonts can I add?

As many as you want! Go crazy. 

Can I import fonts from my store to Drip?

Currently, you can only add fonts from the Google font library. We are exploring the ability to add custom fonts in the future. 

Does Drip auto-generate a fallback font, or can I select my own? 

We auto-generate a fallback font, but you have the option to change it from the available list.