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User Manual


The Forms page with no forms yet created.

Forms are the entry point from your website to your List. When a web visitor submits a form, their information is collected and they become a new Person on your List.

Create a Form

  1. Click Forms

  2. Click + New Opt-In Form

  3. Give the form a name

  4. Click Create Form

Once created, you'll land on the screen to customize the design and configuration, decide how to host it on your website, and activate the form.

Host a Form

There are three different ways to host a form on a website, such as time-delay pop-up, HTML embed code, and a URL that navigates to a Drip-hosted form.  


A pop-up form that appears to web visitors after a time delay, exit intent, or through a JavaScript API call. This form type directly communicates with your Drip JavaScript snippet.


An unstyled HTML form to integrate into your website to inherit its styles and design from your website's CSS codebase.


A form hosted on Drip's servers made accessible through a public URL. This form type comes equipped with reCaptcha and is not customizable in terms of the look and design. When a new form is created, we generate the URL and make the form available to anyone with the URL. This form type is pre-loaded with reCaptcha validation.  

Activate a Form

The drop-down to activate or deactivate a form.

To activate a form:

  1. Click Draft

  2. Click Activate

Once activated, visitors to your site are able to submit their email address and join your List.