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Record a Custom Event

Record a custom event

Record Custom Events in Workflows, Rules, and Bulk Operations using the Record a custom event action. When a person passed through the action, the event is recorded.

Record a Custom Event 

To record a custom event in a Rule: 

  1. Go to Automations > Rules

  2. Select the rule you'd like to record a custom event in

  3. Select the trigger for the rule 

  4. Under What actions should we preform? select Drip > Record a custom event

  5. Enter the event name 

  6. Click Save Rule 

To record a custom event in a Workflow: 

  1. Go to Automations > Workflows 

  2. Select the workflow you’d like to record a custom event in 

  3. On the node you’d like to record the custom event, click +

  4. Select Action > Record a custom event 

  5. Enter the event name 

  6. Click Update Action 

To record a custom event in a Bulk Operation:  

  1. Go to People > Imports/ Bulk Ops

  2. Click + New Bulk Operation > Choose a segment of existing people > Next step

  3. Select the people to record the custom event for with the filter 

  4. Click Next

  5. Select Drip > Record a custom event 

  6. Enter the event name 

  7. Click Next 

  8. Click Schedule Operation 

After a custom event has been recorded, view it on a person’s activity timeline or under Analytics.

Add a Filter to a Custom Event 

Click + Add a filter to define the event properties. The properties you add here will be included in the event data.

Define the Event Properties

Event properties consist of an Identifier and a Value.


A defined Identifier for a property included in a Custom Event.

An Identifier is a variable name that stores a given value.


The Value that will be stored in the Identifier of a property included in a Custom Event.

A Value is a piece of information that is contained inside of the event property identifier.

To define the event Properties:

  1. Click + Add a filter

  2. Enter the Identifier

  3. Enter the Value

Event properties are optional in Custom Events.

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