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User Manual

Record a Custom Event

Record a custom event

Record Custom Events in Workflows, Rules, and Bulk Operations using the Record a custom event action. When a person passed through the action, the event is recorded.

What action should we perform?

The Record a custom event action setup.

To configure an action to record a Custom Event:

  1. From the drop-down to the left, select Drip

  2. From the drop-down to the right, select Record a custom event

What event should we record?

The name for a Custom Event.

Enter the name of the event you'd like to record. A name is required to record a Custom Event.

Add a filter

The Add a filter button to included event properties to a Custom Event.

Click + Add a filter to define the event properties. The properties you add here will be included in the event data.

Define your event properties

The Identifier and Value fields to enter event properties for a Custom Event.

Event properties are optional in Custom Events.

To define the event Properties:

  1. Click + Add a filter

  2. Enter the Identifier

  3. Enter the Value


A defined Identifier for a property included in a Custom Event.

An Identifier is a variable name that stores a given value.


The Value that will be stored in the Identifier of a property included in a Custom Event.

A Value is a piece of information that is contained inside of the event property identifier.