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User Manual

Performed a Custom Event

The Edit Trigger pop-up to select the Performed a custom event trigger.

Trigger automations in Workflows and Rules when a person performs a custom event.

Which event should trigger this automation?

The Performed a custom event trigger.

To configure a trigger to fire when someone performs a Custom Event:

  1. From the drop-down to the left, select Drip

  2. From the drop-down to the right, select Performed a custom event

Which custom event?

The event name.

Enter the name of the event that when performed by a person, will trigger the automation steps.

Add a filter

The button to + Add a filter.

Click + Add a filter to define the event properties. The properties you add here will be included in the event data.

Define Filters

The fields to define a filter in the trigger event.

If event properties are included in the trigger, the trigger becomes exclusive only to people that have the defined properties included in the event they perform.

Property name

The property name that stores the value.

The Property name is a variable that stores a given value.



A dropdown of available operators for determining whether a property's value meets the trigger's filter criteria.


The Value that is contained in the Property Name

The Value is a piece of information that is contained inside of the event property identifier.

This trigger applies to everyone

To make the trigger event more exclusive, add additional criteria that a person must satisfy in order to trigger the automation.

To make the trigger more exclusive:

  1. Click Change

  2. Edit the trigger criteria

  3. Click Update Criteria

Once the criteria are made more exclusive, a person must satisfy any defined property restrictions as well as meet the criteria set in this filter. For example, a person will trigger the following event only if they meet the defined property and satisfy the filter criteria.

The person will trigger the above event only if they have a product_name property with a value of Tote Bag and are subscribed to a specific Campaign. Otherwise, the event will not trigger for the person.