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User Manual

Event Segmentation

Events Performed filter criteria

Segment the people on your list by the events they’ve performed. This allows you to send better-targeted emails to people who have performed the same events.

To segment people by Events performed:

  1. Click People

  2. From the first drop-down, select Events performed

  3. From the second drop-down, select include if you'd like to return people who have performed the event. Or, select does not include to return people who have not performed the event

  4. Enter the name of the event you'd like to use to segment your list

  5. From the drop-down next to the event name, select from one of the options to return people that have performed the event a certain amount of times, on a specific date or another of the available criteria

  6. Click Refresh

Once you refresh your list, it will contain only people who satisfy the filter criteria. For example, the following segment returns people that have performed an event called Made a purchase at least 3 times:

A segment of people that have made a purchase at least 3 times.

Not sure which events to apply to the filter? Start with Drip’s predefined events.