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User Manual

Custom Events

A custom event is any event which is not already predefined by Drip. Custom events are how you record activities which are unique to your own use-case and business model.

For example, if you have a software company, recording an event each time a new person signs up for a trial creates a record in Drip of all of those instances. If you run an ecommerce store, recording an event each time someone updates their cart or makes a purchase is all valuable information that will be useful in the future.

Check out the following examples of a software and ecommerce use cases for custom events:

Software company example:

  • A software company connects their API to Drip's API to send information to Drip each time someone starts a trial account with their service. The company would also like to track each instance the trial user logs in, and if the user becomes a paid customer following their trial. Event names that might fit the software company's needs:

    • Started a trial

    • Logged in

    • Became a customer

Ecommerce example:

  • An ecommerce store is using Drip to send automated emails to anyone who performs certain types of activities while browsing their store. They would like to track when someone views one of their product pages, starts or abandons a checkout, and completes an order.

    Event names that would fit the ecommerce store's needs:

    • Viewed a product

    • Started checkout

    • Abandoned checkout

    • Placed an order

While considering names for your custom events, we suggest starting with these best practices:

  • Be descriptive, yet not too complex

  • Use a past-tense verb when describing the action (e.g. Started a trial, Made a purchase)

  • Capitalize the first word only

Sticking to these practices ensures consistency amongst naming conventions for custom events.