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User Manual

Call Event Properties with Liquid

Through Liquid, event properties can be called in a Workflow or Rule automation. This allows you to pull specific properties from an event and use the information contained in those properties for setting a Custom Field, applying a Tag, and in email personalization.

The following Liquid code template is how event properties are called:

{{ event.the_property_name }}

In the Liquid code example above, the event keyword is a universal identifier in Drip for any event that is recorded in your account. Followed by the event keyword, is the specific property identifier that will be called from the event. When that happens, the value of that property becomes exposed.

Therefore in the Liquid code, replace the_property_name with the name of the property to call.

For example, the following event has a property with the identifier of product_name which holds a value of Tote Bag:

Example event

To capture the value contained inside of the product_name identifier, the following Liquid code is utilized:

{{ event.product_name }}

The Liquid code returns the property's value of Tote Bag.

This information can be leveraged when building your automation.  

Call Event Properties in Automation

When event properties are called in a Workflow or Rule automation, the following actions are able to set a value based on the property that is being called:

  • Apply a tag

  • Set a custom field

  • Send a one-off email

  • Send a notification email

Event properties can be called only after a trigger event has fired. Once a trigger fires, the values for the above actions can be set.

The following Rule uses the same event from above as its trigger and demonstrates how to apply a Tag by calling an event property using the Liquid the following Liquid code:

{{ event.product_name }}

The result will apply a tag of Tote Bag to the person that triggered the event.