User Manual

Schedule an Email Series

Timing Settings

Campaign timing settings

Set the Email Series Campaign-wide settings in Timing Settings. Timing settings only apply if you are using the “Day” delays between emails.

To set the timing settings:

  1. Select the time of day to send out emails

  2. Select the timezone to send out emails

  3. Select when to send out the first email

Time of day is based on a 12-hour clock.

Timezone is in the recipient's timezone, your account’s timezone, or UTC.

The first email is sent immediately after signup, or at the next set time of day.

Emails will only get sent out at the time of day and days of the week set here. For example, if you only select “Mon” at 11 am in the recipient’s timezone, emails will only go out on Mondays at 11 am in the recipient’s timezone.

If the delay between emails is set to 7 days, and the timing settings are set to “Mon” at 11 am in the recipient’s timezone, campaign emails will go out every 7 Monday’s at 11 am in the recipient’s timezone.

If you set an “Hour” or “Minute” delay, that overrides the series-wide settings.

Delay Between Emails

The delay between emails determines when each campaign email is sent out. Each email is sent out based on when the previous email was sent out. If you set an “Hour” or “Minute” delay, that overrides the Email Series Campaign-wide settings.

The first email in an Email Series Campaign always defaults to send immediately after someone is added to the email series. To delay the first email in an Email Series Campaign, visit the Email Series Campaign settings and manage the Timing Delay settings.

To modify the delay between each email:

  1. Enter a number

  2. Click the drop-down

  3. Select from minutes, hours, or days

Minutes are based on sixty-second intervals.

Hours are based on sixty-minute intervals.

Days are based on when the clock hits midnight.

If you add an email to the end of an Email Series Campaign, the delay is based upon when the email is published and not for when the last email was sent out.

Once the timing settings and the delay between emails are set up, emails are scheduled to get sent out accordingly. Due to how we schedule emails:  

  • You cannot cancel queued emails in Drip that are getting ready to send.

  • If someone is removed from or unsubscribed from a series, it’s possible that an already scheduled email will get sent out.

Recipients who have scheduled Email Series Campaign emails will see a warning message on the Global Unsubscribe page notifying them about the possibility of receiving an email from a series up to 24 hours after unsubscribing.