User Manual

Create an Email Series Campaign

Create Email Series

To create an Email Series:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Email Series

  2. Click + New Email Series

  3. Give your email series a name (this will be your Public Name)

  4. Click Create Email Series

  5. Select Browse Our Blueprints to use one of our Email Series blueprints or select Create Your First Email to start from scratch

  6. Choose an email builder, either the Visual Email Builder or the Text/HTML Builder

  7. Now you can design your email!

Switch Email Builders

Email Builder change

To switch between email builders in your Email Series, click on the + Add Email button and choose your desired builder.

Configure the Email Series Settings

To configure the Email Series settings, go to Campaigns > Email Series > select the series > Settings. This is where you set up subscribe/unsubscribe notifications, select the primary purpose for the Email Series, and more.

Identity Settings

The Identity Settings are customer-facing information in the emails.

Public Name

The public-facing name that people will see on the subscription management page. This name can be different than the name of the Email Series in your account.

“From” Name

The name customers see in their inbox. This field is required.

“From” Email

The email address customers see in their inbox. This field is required and must be a valid email address.

Postal Address

The address customers see in the footer of all email series emails.


Send a blind copy of every email in the email series to any email addresses you put here.

Subscribe / Unsubscribe Notifications

To set up subscribe/unsubscribe notifications for an Email Series, enter in the email address that should receive the notification email under Notify when someone subscribes or Notify when someone unsubscribes.

The notification email contains details about the person who subscribed or unsubscribed from the email series. A notification email is not sent when you manually subscribe or unsubscribe a person from an Email Series.

Primary Purpose

Select the primary purpose of the Email Series from the drop-down.

  • The Commercial setting is for an Email Series containing emails with marketing content. For example, a promotional email series for your newest product line.

  • The Transactional/Relationship setting is for an Email Series with content already agreed upon by the customer. For example, a receipt for the item the person purchased.

If you’re unsure about which setting to use, take a look at the CAN-SPAM Compliance Guide for Business.

Signup Settings

Custom Post-Confirmation Page

A custom page where people are sent after clicking the confirmation link. Leave this blank to use the default page.

Send double opt-in confirmation email by default

Turn this setting on to send double opt-in confirmation emails by default. This requires people to click a link in the confirmation email sent before any emails in the Email Series are sent. This setting enables double opt-in for Email Series subscriptions initiated via our JavaScript and REST APIs and by third-party integrations.

Edit Email Series Footer Settings (Text Builder)

Email Series Footer

The default footer settings for the Email Series are what's set in Basic Email Settings. In Email Series Settings, set different footer text for text builder emails in an individual series. 

To edit the footer settings for text builder emails:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Email Series
  2. In Viewing General Settings click General Settings
  3. Click Footer Settings (Text Builder)
  4. Make your changes
  5. Click Save Settings

Add Emails in an Email Series

To create a new email from inside of an existing Email Series:

  1. Click Emails

  2. Click + Add Email

  3. Design the email

Email Series emails send in the order they appear under the Emails tab. To reorder the emails for an Email Series:

  1. Hover your cursor to the left of the email subject line

  2. Click the three-horizontal-lines icon to select the email you'd like to reorder

  3. With your cursor still clicked, drag the email and place it in the order you'd like.

If a person has not yet received the email that has been reordered, but they've already received the email that's now below it, the person will not receive the email. This is because the person has already moved past that point in the Email Series.

Email Series containing greater than fifty emails will begin to paginate to another page. When that's the case, you're unable to move emails between pages. To view a greater number of emails on a single page, add the following URL parameter to the end of the URL you see in the address bar when viewing the Emails tab:


Place the parameter in the URL:

Email Status

When an Email Series email is set to draft, it will not be sent out to people in the series. Once you activate an email, it will be sent out according to the delay between emails from when it was made active.

Edit the Confirmation Email

Email Series Confirmation

To edit an Email Series confirmation email:

  1. Go to the Emails tab in the Email Series

  2. In Showing Series Emails click Confirmation

  3. Click into the Signup Confirmation Email and make your changes. This email can only be made with the Text/HTML builder.

  4. Click Save

Activate an Email Series

An Email Series must be active to send out to people. To activate an Email Series:

  1. To the right of the Email Series name, click Draft

  2. Click Activate

Duplicate an Email Series

Create a copy of an Email Series including the email contents and settings from the original.

To duplicate an Email Series:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Email Series Campaign

  2. Click the Duplicate this Email Series button

  3. Give the duplicate Email Series a name

  4. Select Include all emails to duplicate all of the emails in the series

  5. Click Duplicate Email Series

You will be brought to the new Email Series Campaign Dashboard.

Delete an Email Series

Remove an Email Series and all of its data from your account. Once deleted, all data for that series will be lost including email analytics.

To delete an Email Series:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the Email Series
  2. Click the Delete this Email Series button

  3. Click I’m sure, delete this Email Series

The email series will be permanently deleted.