User Manual

Add Emails to an Existing Email Series

Need to add an email to an existing Email Series Campaign? A couple of things to keep in mind before you make any changes:

  • We recommend adding emails to the end of an existing Email Series Campaign. If emails are added in the middle, not everyone will receive them.

  • We don’t recommend re-arranging emails in an active Email Series Campaign because it can result in people in the series receiving emails out of order. 

When you add an email to the end of an Email Series Campaign, the delay is based on the amount of time that has passed since a person received the (now) second to last email in the series. For example, if the delay is 7 days and someone received the second to last email 18 days ago, they'll get the newly added email today.

Here are a few examples of the behavior when you add an email to an existing Email Series Campaign. 

  • You need to go in and add an additional email set to send second in your email sequence. Anyone who’s already past that point in the series will not receive the email. 

  • A customer receives the last email in a series. Two weeks later, you add an additional email to the end of the Email Series Campaign. They will receive the email you just added because by default they’re still in the series. Any email you add at the end of the Email Series Campaign will be delivered to the people in that series, even if they have received the existing emails.

To prevent someone from receiving new emails added to an Email Series Campaign once they’ve already completed it, set up a Rule to remove them from the series. 

  1. Select the Completed an Email Series Campaign trigger and select the series you want to modify

  2. Choose the Remove from an Email Series Campaign action

People will be removed from the Email Series Campaign when they receive the last email, and they will not receive any additional emails that you add to the series moving forward.