User Manual

Text Builder

Text Builder

Create text-based emails that are heavily focused on written communication. There is a robust text editor provided where text and other elements are formatted in the email.

Email Subject

The snippet of text visible to the person when they open their inbox.

Email Pre-Header

An optional snippet of text that appears immediately after the subject line in the inbox.


Draft the email using a number of built-in tools for formatting the email design.

Plain Text

The version of the email that renders when the web browser fails to render the HTML version.


Renders the current content and design as it will appear when the email is opened by a person. Previewing the email as a recipient renders Liquid code.

Switch to Custom HTML

Build your email with untouched, raw HTML code. Learn more about creating with the Custom HTML Builder.

Identity Settings

For Single Email Campaigns, the Identity Settings tab includes your "From" name, "From" email address, and Postal Address.

Footer Content

For Single Email Campaigns, the Footer Content includes what will show up in your footer with your unsubscribe link and postal address.

Send Test Email

Send a rendering of the current email content and design to a select list of recipients. Test emails do not render Liquid code.

Auto-generate plain text version

When enabled, Drip generates a text version for browsers if the HTML version fails. This setting is enabled by default.