User Manual

Suppress "__s" From Rendered Links

The "__s" link parameter is how we're able to track and identify the people on your list who click a link in an email. It's also how we are able to attribute link clicks to email analytics. 

When a person clicks a link in an email, the parameter captures the person's unique ID and we're able to associate the link click with an individual person on your list. 

The following is an example of a URL with appended link parameter:

The "XXXXXX" portion of the parameter is how the URL captures the person's ID. 

If you need to suppress the parameter from your link, the following attributes can be manually applied to the URL from inside of the email's source code:



<a href="" data-skip-tracking>My Link</a>

To apply the attribute to a link in an email:

  1. Click <> Source

  2. Manually add the attribute to the link
This attribute disables Drip’s ability to identify new people and track already identified people.