User Manual

Product Content Block

Product block

  1. Create or open an existing email built with the Visual Email Builder.
  2. Click Product
  3. Add the content block where you’d like it placed in the email. 
  4. Under Product Details > Select a product from the drop-down or enter a product title, product variant, or product SKU to search for the product. 
  5. Click the content block to edit the image, product details, and button text.

How It Works

The Product content block is available for customers using Shopify, Magento, or a custom ecommerce platform integrated through the Shopper Activity API. 

Once the data is inserted into the Product content block, it will not dynamically update. For example, if a product goes on sale, the price of the product does not dynamically update. If the product you select fluctuates in price, it is best to not include the product price in the description.

Currently, the Magento Product Block pulls in products from past orders only.

It is not recommended to use Liquid code as a workaround to dynamically update data in the Product content block.


Once your Shopify store is connected, the Product block will appear under the General Content tab. It takes 24 hours for products to populate in the Product block. No additional set-up is necessary.   

Custom Store (Shopper Activity API)

Drip learns about your product catalog whenever product data is passed via API calls (via the Cart, Order and Product Activity endpoints). 

A product will only appear for use in Drip if the following attributes are provided: 

  • title
  • image_url
  • product_url

If you use the Shopper Activity API for your custom store, some of this data is already being passed to Drip as order and add to cart events occur. However, for the best experience and an up-to-date product catalog, we recommend integrating with our Product Activity endpoint.