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User Manual

Custom Dynamic Content

Custom Dynamic Content is part of our larger goal to enable deep personalization in your customer communications. It can support use cases such as:

  • Providing the weather for a given zip code (e.g. Sunny and 55 degrees)

  • Providing cross-sell recommendations for a given product purchased (e.g. “Customers Also Bought”)

We configure Custom Dynamic Content on a case by case basis. It requires Drip’s engineering team to setup, which means we unfortunately can’t configure it for purely sandbox/playground use cases. If you have a production use case you mean to implement in customer-facing emails, however, we’d love to work with you.

We'll need to you to answer the following questions for our Support team.

  1. What should your Custom Dynamic Content be called? You have the option to make your content selectable under the “Dynamic Content” tab of Drip’s Visual Email Builder. This allows non-developers building emails in Drip to easily work with your custom dynamic content.

  2. What details do you need passed to your Custom Dynamic Content endpoint? In the “Weather” example in our API docs, we pass a subscriber custom field of “zipcode”, but you can pass any subscriber custom field or property (e.g. Lifetime Value). Or you could request that the event properties of a certain type of Drip Event (e.g. “Checkout created” with an event property of zipcode = 55401) be passed.

  3. What is the URL endpoint Drip should hit to retrieve your Custom Dynamic Content? For example,

  4. What liquid would you like to use in your Drip emails to swap in your Custom Dynamic Content? This must follow the syntax my.<insert name here>. In the "Weather" example, {{ }} will pull in the “summary” value from this endpoint payload:

     "apparentTemperature": 51.57,
     "cloudCover": 0.48,
     "dewPoint": 43.6,
     "humidity": 0.74,
     "icon": "partly-cloudy-night",
     "ozone": 295.5,
     "pressure": 1020.55,
     "summary": "Partly Cloudy",
     "temperature": 51.57,
     "time": 1541697515,
     "visibility": 8.52,
     "windBearing": 67,
     "windGust": 3.78,
     "windSpeed": 3.58
  5. Do you plan to use this Custom Dynamic Content in Broadcast, Campaign, Workflow, or Rule emails? If your endpoint is dependant on Drip subscriber properties only (e.g. a “zipcode” custom field), you can use it in any type of Drip email. If, however, your endpoint is dependent on event properties passed through a Drip Event, you can only use it in Workflows and Rules.

  6. Do you plan to use the Text or Visual Builder to use this Custom Dynamic Content. You can use either, but if you plan to use the Visual Builder, we need to perform extra configuration to get it to display properly.

Check out APIs 101 for more information on what an API is,  common terms and definitions.

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