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User Manual


View and manage the Custom Fields in your account from the Custom Fields page. Custom Fields appear in List view and are sorted in alphabetical order.

To access a list of your Custom Fields:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Custom Fields

Create Custom Field

To add a new Custom Field to your account:

  1. Click + New Custom Field

  2. Enter a new Custom Field Identifier

  3. Click Create Field

Once created, the new Custom Field is added to the list in alphabetical order.

Edit Custom Field

To edit a Custom Field:

  1. To the far right of the field Identifier, click Edit

  2. Update the Identifier name

  3. Click Submit

The updated field Identifier is also updated for any person the field is currently saved.

Custom Field Actions

Allow people to edit their custom fields from the subscription management page by checking the Allow person to edit box. 

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