User Manual

Send a Campaign

There are three ways to send a campaign in Drip: bulk operations, workflows, and rules.

Send a Campaign via Bulk Operations

Send a campaign action.

There are three steps to send a campaign with a bulk operation. First, select the segment of people to send a campaign to. Second, select the action to Send a campaign. Third, schedule the operation.

To send a campaign with a bulk operation:

  1. Go to People > Bulk Operations
  2. Click + New Bulk Operations
  3. Under Choose a segment of existing people click Begin
  4. Select the people who should receive the Campaign using the People Filter. To send the Campaign to your entire list, leave this filter blank
  5. Click Next
  6. Send your Campaign Immediately, or At a specific time to schedule it in the future
  7. Click Perform Operation
  8. Click Done to exit the page and view the progress of the operation, or click Cancel this Operation to cancel the operation
  9. You have 30 seconds to cancel an operation once it’s been scheduled. After that, operations cannot be canceled or reversed. 

Once the bulk operation completes, the Campaign will be scheduled to send. See how your Campaign is doing on the Campaign Dashboard

Send a Campaign in a Workflow

  1. Go to Automations > Workflows
  2. Name the Workflow
  3. Click Create Workflow
  4. Under the goal node, click the + icon where you want to add the action to send a campaign 
  5. Click Action
  6. Select Send a campaign from the drop-down
  7. Select a Campaign 
  8. Click Update Action

Now, people will be subscribed to the Campaign and the first email will be sent to people according to the timing settings.

Send a Campaign in a Rule

  1. Go to Automations > Rules
  2. Select a trigger for the Rule
  3. Select Send a campaign as the action from the drop-down
  4. Select a Campaign 
  5. Click Save Rule

Be sure to Activate the rule when it’s ready.

When someone is removed from a Campaign and added again, they will start at the email they left off at. The message “People will start with the first campaign email” only applies to new people in the Campaign. To start people in the first email, toggle the option to Restart the campaign when this action fires.

See People in a Campaign

The People list of a Campaign shows the first 25 people currently subscribed to the Campaign. The list is in ascending order by the date they were added to your account, not the date they were subscribed to the Campaign. When a person is removed or unsubscribed from a Campaign, they are removed from the list.  

To see the entire list of people subscribed to a campaign, export the list of people subscribed to this campaign to a CSV file:

  1. Click Actions

  2. Select Export to CSV

  3. Click Okay